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For functional patents and inventions with technology element and susceptible of industrial application


Patent Application Grant


Patent Application Grant


 To assist Hong Kong companies and individuals to apply for patents of their own inventions and utility models


  • To grant exclusive right of use to its owner for the protection of invention and innovative technology;

  • To enhance the enterprise’s competitiveness in the market;

  • To make earnings by giving authorisation to agents or producers;

  • To increase the company’s market value in an assessment or a valuation.


  • First time applicants can get a maximum of 90% sponsorship for their application cost (subject to a maximum of HK$250,000 for each application) when they apply for patents in Hong Kong or overseas through HKPC;

  • The grant is for covering the cost for patent search-cum-technical assessment and the administration fee mentioned above, as well as other direct costs involved in the patent application process. Examples are attorney fees, consultant fees and filing of patent applications;

  • Other expenses, including any costs incurred before the date of approval of the application and the renewal fee of granted patents, are not fundable;

  • The grant is nontransferable and will be valid for 3 years from the date of approval of the application.


  • All applications for functional patents and inventions with technology element and susceptible of industrial application;

  • All locally incorporated companies, Hong Kong permanent residents or Hong Kong residents permitted to remain in Hong Kong for not less than 7 years which/who have never owned any patents in any countries or territories before will be eligible;

  • For individual applicant, the applicant must be the sole inventor or one of the joint inventors of the invention;

  • For applicant company, the inventor(s) of the invention shall be a directly related party/parties to the applicant company, e.g. owner, shareholder, director or staff.

If you want to apply for this scheme, please contact MACROHARD immediately.

Our consultants will assist you in the preparation for the documents and materials for the application and provide you with consultation services so as to help you successfully apply for the grant from the Hong Kong Government.

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