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The Fund will finance projects that make use of innovation and technology to make people's daily living more convenient or address the needs of specific community groups. 

Innovation and Technology Fund for Better Living​


 To make people's daily living more convenient or address the needs of specific community groups


  • The maximum grant for each approved project will be 90% of the total project cost or HK$5 million, whichever is the less;

  • Projects should be able to benefit the public at large or specific groups and in line with government policies;

  • Project themes include daily living, education, environment, health, safety, transport, etc. which can benefit the community;

  • Project deliverables should be rolled out within 12 months and run for at least 2 consecutive years after roll-out (except for projects that are one-off in nature);

  • Projects should not be profit-making during the funding period;

  • Projects should primarily be developed within Hong Kong.


  • Mobile Application

  • Product 

  • Device

  • Equipment

  • Tools

  • Services

  • Software

  • Others


If you want to apply for this scheme, please contact MACROHARD immediately.

Our consultants will assist you in the preparation for the documents and materials for the application and provide you with consultation services so as to help you successfully apply for the grant from the Hong Kong Government.


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